How To Desactivate The Cart

I use Multi-Vendor Ultimate and I have 3 storefronts (3 differents domains names):
Right now, I'm working on one of them, but it's a b2b marketplace. The buyer has to contact the vendor directly to make inquiries, he can't add a product to the cart directly because he must contact the vendor first to specify what he wants and obtain a quote.
So, I don't need the cart button.
I need something like this:
I would like to desactivate the cart, the "add to cart" button, the "buy now with 1-click", etc. It's useless.
But, of course, I want to keep these options for my 2 others storefronts.
How can I do that?
Thank you very much

There is a catalog mode addon, althought I don't know how it would work with multistore