How to delete all products at once

Hello all,

Is there a way to delete all products at once without going into the database (phpMyAdmin) itself?

I now can go to Catalog > Products and select all products on the first page and then go to Choose action > Delete selected and then do the same for the second page and so on. But when you have thousand of products this is undoable.

Would anyone know a solution?

Maybe delete all categories and then re create them?

[COLOR=Black]Yeah that works but that would mean creating all categories new and I have had some modification done to them and that makes for even more work.

I have now changed the [/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]products per page under Design > Appearance settings to 1000 and am left with only 8 pages (about 7775 products). That is the only solution I can think of without killing the server and cs-cart[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]:D.[/COLOR]