How to define Features that will be available for Filter creation

Hi, I am trying to create my import file with specific features that are available for filter creations.

Right now we have around 50k features and 30 of these are defined for filters. I have no idea why these 30 have been picked to be eligible for filter?!

Is there a coloumn in the import file where I mark the features as filter?!

Also - creating filters on CS Cart is really cumbersome. You have to do them all manually which takes forever if you have 20k categories. Any solution for that?

Please take a look


I am still a bit confused on how do create the import file. Are these seperate files, one for features, one for products and how to they match each other (by product id?)


Feature Name: Color
Feature ID: same as product id?
Type: ???
Purpose: make as filter or keep empty or true/false?
Show on the features tab: keep empty or true/false?

We have around 100k products - is there an easy way to create the import file?

The products are already imported - now I just want to add a few hundred filters as well as “show in features tab” (most of these exist already but when changed to “make filter” they will get deleted)

Thanks for your help

Yes, separate file. I suggest you to export required features, change their purpose in Excel (check available values there) and import it back