How to deduct $$ amount from realTime rates before displaying


We are using UPS as our shipping method. It seems like discounted rates are not displayed on screen to our customers. I believe it is limitation on CS-Cart.

Is there any way we can deduct any flat amount from estimated shipping cost before displaying on the screen to customers?


Does anyone know how to get discounted rates?


What do you have for your “Pickup type” in your UPS Shipping settings? If set to “Daily Pickup” then you should be getting whatever your specific rates are for UPS.

If you want to adjust shipping by an absolute amount you can do so via the “Shipping charges” tab for each location you have defined for each specific shipping method by setting one of the dependencies to use an Absolute Amount. You cannot adjust shipping by a percentage of the shipping amount in standard cs-cart. Percentages are applied to the amount of “items” (don’t ask me why - I haven’t figured that one out).

If you want to adjust by a percentage or want to utilize UPS Time In Transit for your customers (giving them a guaranteed delivery date for different shipping methods) then you can purchase our UPS TNT addon which will give you both. Info can be obtained at: [url][/url]

Cool, thanks much that helps.

I have two more question though…

How can I change shipping display type - radio or drop down? Is there any settings in Admin?

How can I change default selection for shipping rates? - For example

UPS - $7.80

Local Pick Up

What do I need to do if I want UPS to be selected.

It seems like CS-Cart always defaults to FREE shipping. Any suggestions/


As discussed in your other thread related to this topic, the order of shipping methods is controlled by the POS (position) column. Order the positions in the order you want and that’s how they’ll be displayed.

Shipping setup in cs-cart is a bit odd. The first requirement is to ensure that you have locations setup correctly. Then on the “Shipping charges” tab of each shipping method, you can select the location and adjust them for each location for each method.