How to create an order for someone else


Is there a way to create an order for someone else and email it to them to submit their payment information? For example, if customer has issues with purchasing a product, then the admin can create the order for them without entering the customer’s payment information, and email to the customer.

Yes, it is possible. Go to Orders → Manage orders page and use “+” button to create new order. You will see the “Notify customer” option on the bottom. Also please make sure that the order status has the “Repay” function enabled. It allows to make payment from the order details page

Would you be able to attach an image? I currently have version 4.15.2 - 4.16.1. I do not see the “Repay” status.

The status you’ll set order to has to have this checkbox checked, so that customer can pay for it.

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I have attached an image below of what I’m seeing. I created a new order in “Order History” > “View Orders” > created new order. However, I changed the status to “Declined” but was not able to locate the “Pay order again” button.


For example, the order has the Open status. In this case go to the Open status settings and make sure that the “Pay order again” option is enabled there