How To Create A Splash Page

One of my clients, recently obtained a domain from a competitor of his that is no longer in business. He wants to send traffic from their old site to his site, but his SEO company warns against a simple 301 redirect in GoDaddy. Instead, they are suggesting that he setup a “splash page”.

Are there any Cs-Cart modules that allow for this? Can it be done?

Basically, he wants a page that tells people that the old site is now his site, but that he doesn't own the old company so he isn't responsible for old orders complaints, etc. I saw Tiger Direct do something like this when they recently bought By going there, it sends you to or something like that welcomes visitors but explains what is going on.

He's still running CS-Cart 4.2.1.

I appreciate any feedback.


There are several modules on the marketplace which allows to show the popup with the custom content on any page. Please take a look.

Thank you for replying.

Could you please send me a link. I've Googled “Cs-Cart Splash Module” or “CS-Cart Splash Add-on” and nothing appears.