How to create a set of products?

A customer of mine sells ink-cartridges.

Example: He sells all colors for a certain Printer

separate (f.e. red and blue and yellow).

These 3 colors are 3 different products.

These cartridges are now sold separate,

but he is looking for a way that he can ALSO offer this as a set,

so all 3 together (and then also for a special price).

Related products isnt an option as you understand, nor is

secondary categories. It needs to be a set of the 3 products,

without adding these products again! (So that when i change the info

on 1 cartridge, the set is also changed).

Is there a way to realise this, or is there already a way to realise this

with the options offered in cs-cart?

Thx group!

i think there may be something for this is the update if i am not mistaken

ah, you mean the product configurator?

yes, i had looked at that, but that cant make sets as far as i can see…

Hmmmm Hi nwsco

You mean one item sold as a single for say £1.00

Then say a set of 6 sold for £5.50

Then why not just create in say your ink category, single ink’s £1.00 or buy the set of 6 £5.50 as two seperate products.

Is that close to your thinking?

Hi John!

Thanks for the input!

No, thats not it:

imagine the ink-cartridges: these are all also different colors as well.

A whole set would consist of f.e. black, magenta, yellow and a blue cartridge.

The thought is that each cartridge should be entered as an individual product,

but also could be in a set (all 4 colors), while using the same productsnumbers.

Maybe i’m not clear enough…then let me know :slight_smile:


Hi nwsco

So the main problem is in the product number being the same for a single or set of items. :rolleyes:

Hi John! Exactly! :-))

yes, the Configurator (when it’ll work perfectly :slight_smile: is the way to go!

yo ucan create products with “fixed” configuration.

If I’m understanding you correctly, what you want to do is offer something like this?

a) #123 - Blue Individual = $X

b) #124 - Red Individual = $X

c) #125 - Green Individual = $X

d) #123 - Blue, #124 - Red, #125 - Green Set = $Y

rather than

d) #126 - Blue, Red & Green Set = $Y

Do I have that right? Honestly I don’t think that’s possible right now, though I wish it was. I have pointed out a similar needed function, to be able to add individually defined products, each with their own product number (product_code) as options w/in a generic product here. I think your suggestion would be a very good addition to mine. I would also like to offer a product + an accessory as an “option” w/in a single product’s page, but need product numbers to be maintained for inventory tracking, ordering, etc.

Right now you could set up a ‘set’ and the cost changes in the product options page, but you only have one product number available. I hope this is something taken seriously for the next release, or as a mod offered soon as its not there now and the new stable release is anticipated in a couple days.

hey arlen!

what you explain is what i need yes. (as in line d)

this should be possible in a future release yes!

let’s see what we can do with the new configurator?


i agree… i see the “new/modified price” for combo products as very important feature (quite a must) !

hope to see it soon!

I have heard this called Product Kitting. Here more that one products are sold as a kit. I seen this where you create a kit in the admin, say a kit of 4 products, and it has one price. If I remember right it added 4 line items to the cart, but I don’t remember what it did with the price.

thats what i want…in cscart that is

I did this in Cube Cart and used a seperate category for it. Along with selling seperate items in a category I put together packages in a category called Health Packs. Now switching over to CS Cart I would be interested in the same feature.

Very usefull functionality for marketing purpose !!

At least as much as the Promotion or other functions