How To Create a New Form on 2.0.11 ETC.

im trying to figure out how to create a new form i will use it for a small engine parts request type form which will have the model and serial or spec # and the part # if known and other tabs on the form but where do i put this form at or will it automatically create its own url ?

any help will be appreciated im thanking anyone in advance for help on this task

and the etc. part of help is i need to find out how to turn on the newsletter item and also the

New products box i need it to work on all pages but it works on certain catagories right now and also want to put the SSL Logo on the side bar where do i go to to do this task

any help will be appreciated again thanking you all in advance

You create the forms from the content-pages and add a form . Having created the form, You appoint the id no. to a menu. with a typical url such as. “index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=58”

As an example Fire Pump Enquiery Form

on your example page how do i make for example your Fire pump and then the Diesel driven fire pump how do i make those type sections ? thanks

  • Add form
  • Fill the page and “save”
  • click the “Form Builder” fill the “Form submit text:” and shift to below table form and fill

    For the Diesel HP

    A) Pos (say “10”) B) Name (say “Diesel HP”), chose select type (say “radio group”

    click the “+ button” for the number of time for the selection options, 20, 30, 40,50

    For the Other line of selections say “Diesel Manufacturer”

    B) click "+ button " on the right line of the first line or multiple times for multiple form lines, so on

    Save etc.

    You can also use clone function

this a good way ?

thanks i got it working