How to Convert an Abandoned Shopping Cart Into a Buyer

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As you know, I am a faithful reader This week, the site publishes a very interesting article on "How to convert an abandoned shopping cart into a buyer. "

Here is the best summarized:

[QUOTE]1. Send the first email immediately

2. Provide a service, not a sales pitch

3. Start with a three-email sequence:

• Email #1: Sent immediately

• Email #2: Sent 23 hours after first email

• Email #3: Sent 6 days and 23 hours after second email

4. Avoid discounts

5. Test timing and messaging[/QUOTE]

Source: [url][/url]

The last, but not the least, here is SeeWhy whom converts clicks to customers in real time, an abandonned cart expert:


Lee Li Pop

Only hard part if determining when the cart is actually abandoned. I.e. how does one determine immediately? Until they start checkout (unless they are a registered user), you have no contact info for them.

Good idea, but only one of 10-15 of my abandon carts have information since the user was not registered. Also, I get the impression that many of my abandon carts were eventually ordered, but still is listed as abandon.


This threads getting old, just wondering if anythings changed, like maybe an addon available for this,

There would need to be a setting to dismiss abandoned carts by customers, identified by email address, that did actually place an order eventually. ie if order placed within 7 days of the AC, then the abandoned card record should be deleted automatically.

Any recommendations for an addon for v2.1.4?

I would say the trick is encouraging your guests to create a profile… Find SOMETHING that registered users can do that guests cannot… everyone's store is different so get creative and find something you can do… then make it very clear how they can register quickly.