How to chnage the size and color of (price inc tax)


Is anybody knows how to change size and color of (price inc tax) showing next to price when “Display prices with taxes on category/product pages if the method of calculating taxes is based on a unit’s price” is enabled in Appearance settings ?

I want that because price with all taxes is real and more important for me, but is smaller than product price.

I can change the “inc_tax” variable in “language” section using html code but this changes only “tax inc” inscription without the number and the brackets.


I think it must be in common_templates/price.tpl

but i dont know how to change the code

{* $Id: price.tpl 10845 2010-10-11 07:33:48Z andyye $ *}
{if $settings.General.alternative_currency == "Y"}
{$value|format_price:$currencies.$primary_currency:$span_id:$class:false}{if $secondary_currency != $primary_currency} {if $class}{/if}({if $class}{/if}{$value|format_price:$currencies.$secondary_currency:$span_id:$class:true:$is_integer}{if $class}{/if}){if $class}{/if}{/if}

skins/your skin


.list-price .list-price {

font-size: 100%;


and skins/yourskin/styles.css

.list-price {

color: #757575;


change the size and colour to suit.

Also download firefox and firebug, use “inspect element” in firebug, you can then see the changes on screen in “real time” for testing