How To Change Top Bar

I am having a problem finding out how to edit and change the top section of the website. I attached photo to show what I want to change, which is I dont want the phone number on the top, I rather have it show a "Email Contact".

The phone number is part of the call request addon. If you aren't going to use the addon, just uninstall it.

Thanks, that was just what I needed. Now on the very very top is a line that shows Our Blog Gift Certificate and Our Brands. The Gift Certificate link works, but other 2 do the 404 error, and I wrote a temp blog to see if it would show with no luck. But I would like to add a Contact Us link so people can send email.

I found it in the Design - Menu, but only see those 3 options on top no way to add edit anything when I try to add a page. Update, added a Email Us link, still can’t figure out how to add the Blog link

Thanks for your help, I was beginning to wonder if folks come on this community Forum anymore to help as my other post been there for 2 days without response. ☹️


Is the Blog addon installed and active?

Yes it is installed and active