How To Change The Default With Communication And Rating

Hi All,

I am using Multi-vendor and all of our products must have "Communication and Rating" enabled. Currently the default value is "Disabled". I can manually enable them, but chances are that I might forget for some products.

I would like that when a new product is created, the default value of Reviews be "Communication and Rating" and not "Disabled".

How can I do that?



To change default (Note: This will be default for all discussions site wide):

ALTER TABLE `cscart_discussion` CHANGE `type` `type` CHAR( 1 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT 'B';

To change existing products:

UPDATE `cscart_discussion` SET `type` = 'B' WHERE `cscart_discussion`.`object_type` ='P';

You’d think that would be part of settings and a UI to change all. No need for there to be a default in the scheme.

Alt-team offer free module

For the rating you can use our "Vendor Feedback" module.