how to change the code to only x_type=auth_only gets sent to

Can anyone tell me how to go about changing the cart code so that only x_type=auth_only gets sent to (1.3.5 SP3)

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

Here’s the email they sent me:

Thank you for contacting Authorize.Net!

The way your transactions are received from your website are based on your website coding. We cannot change the transaction type that is received with each transaction. When a transaction is submitted as x_type=auth_only, we will only authorize the transaction. However, if a transaction is submitted as x_type=auth_capture, then we will authorize and capture the transaction.

So the change you are requesting is a change that needs to be made in your website’s code and/or settings. So I recommend that you consult with your web developer or shopping cart support to make this change and submit all your transactions as Authorize Only.

We are happy to assist you Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific time. Please call 1-877-447-3938 for support.


Alan H.

Authorize.Net Support

wow spent alot of time online with tech support and just now found my answer in my control panel, two clicks away.

if anyone else is as clueless as me, go to Admin Panel > Payment Methods > Click on Configure link under your payment method, and then select Authorize Only from the dropdown.