How to change status on orders on some payment methods

Hi! :slight_smile:

Behaviors mentioned here are running right now on my actual store on x-cart, but I am switching to CS Cart:

What should I do if a want this behavior on two new payment methods I need to integrate on the new version on my store, using CS-Cart v 2.1.1 professional.

First, I need an offline method to my customers who wants to come to my physical store and pick up here their products, in this case, I need they come here with the order already existing on database on status I already created on CSCart named “Awaiting Client Response”, marked with Q letter.

When customer finishes the order, I need they know order number, our address, details of the order and bar-code of the order in a kind of invoice they can print to come here and pick up their products.

Second: I have other payment methods what are external, like paypal, but, also I need to that orders finish on same status (Q) before customer goes to the external site, because I have other tools that reports payments to my ERP and this tool change status according to order situation

I’m not interested on external services, nor freelances or that, becouse I am a php developer, but this changes are extreme urgency to my company, so, I really dont expecting you make this for me for free, no, no no! I am only want something as a clue or orientation, or where should I look for to make this changes; files, folders, etc.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

Use a manual method with called “Pickup” that has “offline” as the processor and method as “phone.tpl”. This will give you your manual method where they can print the order and then come pick it up. The order will then be in the Open status. You can create your new status and change it manually.

Not clear on what difficulty you are having on using an external processor. Once payment is confirmed for the processor, the order will be in Processed status. As above, you could change it to another status manually if you want to.