How to change product's price display


I would like to change the font and size of the price only in product’s details page.

How can I do ?

Is it a template file modification or thru CSS ? Which CSS Or style to modify ?

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depending on your skin look in styles.css for .list-price

I’m a bit of a newbee myself with CS-Cart, but one of the tools that I find invaluable is Firebug. It’s a browser extension that allows you to see specific html and css values on your site and where they are located. It will help with what you are trying to do and other stuff too.

I know it is available for Firefox and Safari, don’t know about Explorer as I don’t use it. Look for browser addons or extensions with your browser documentation.

If you want I can show you how to use it (laymans explanation only, not high tech). PM me to set up a time online.