How to change manufacturer URL

I set up the manufacturer as a product feature on my website. In the Variants section all options are working except the “SEO Name” which basically is the URL that shows on the browser when someone clicks on that manufacturer’s link on the website. Let me explain this way:

There is a brand Logitech on my website. By default, the SEO name of that brand is set as logitech meaning it shows - This website is for sale! - mywebsite Resources and Information. when someone clicks on Logitech from “Shop by Brand” option. What i want is, that the url shows this - This website is for sale! - mywebsite Resources and Information. or something. But whatever i change, the SEO name doesnt work and instead shows a 404 Error when someone clicks on the manufacturer link. This is very important due to the SEO of my manufaturers as it has fallen since i switched to Cs-Cart from osCommerce.

I would really appreciate if someone can tell me how to change the SEO name in the variants section which is essentially the URL of manufacturer’s link without getting a 404 error. If im still unable to explain, please let me know and i will explain by posting snapshots.

Did you clear your cache?