How to change main Banner image size v3


I'm trying to change the size of the image for the main scrolling image and get an understanding.

Does it base the banner image on the actual size of the image? or do I need to make the image that I am using smaller.

I can see that if I make the block smaller, it cuts my image but not too scale. Ideally I would like my block size to be 12 but I need the image to scale to fit and not just chop the end off.

I've looked with Firebug at where it sets the size but I don't understand how I can change it.

Sorry if this is so obvious that I've missed it.



Well I've sort of answered my own question by playing around with the original image. I found that if I did make it smaller I achieved the desired result.

Not sure if this is the best way but it worked for me…

I think it uses the largest image size you upload as the container size


thanks John - that makes sense now.