How To Change Font Colour Of Just This Box

Hi guys

On the Homepage we have a testimonials box. The text in it is controlled by the same CSS rule that controls most of the other text on the site - and can be edited through the Design Editor.

However, it is the only place on the site where I need the text to be white, everything else has to stay as black.

Can someone please make things easy for me and just give me the rule I need to add to the CSS to make this text white please :)

Thanks chaps

The website is

.flexslider .slides > li, .flexslider .slides > li span {
color: #fff;

Thanks so much as always guys!

It did the main body of text but not the customers name?

Thanks :)

Not for all testimonials. Please use

.flexslider .slides > li, .flexslider .slides > li span, .flexslider .slides > li div {
color: #fff;

You guys are the best! :)