How to change detailed picture for all products to 2nd product photo?


I would like to change all the detailed photos to that of the 2nd photo that is used for each product.

I looked at the product export template and it only has a location for the detailed photo, and not the others.

Then I looked at the product photo export template and it seems to have all links, however, I have no way of knowing which photo is the 2nd photo. I am assuming the “pair type M” is the main photo, but I have like 3-4 photos for each product, and the other pair type “A” is used for all other photos.

So how can I know what photos I am actually working with?

Also, the listed photos in this template have links to backup folders where iamges are stored, but when I add the path and file name to the end of my domain I get a 404.

If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.