How To Change Link Copyright

i see now on my websites

my name there in the footer but when you press the link it go to how to change it

im on 4.2.1


Schermafdruk 2015-06-18 16.14.45.png

Edit the product link in the file: config.php

hi i checked there but i cant find to change the hyperlink cs-cart

Do you mean the copyright section?

down on the front page you have the copywrite i changed this in the language but the Link to cs-cart is still there

like you can see in the picture on the left you see where the link is going

i whant to add my own link


please check config.php file in root dir of your cs-cart and find this piece of code:

// external resources, related to product
$config['resources'] = array(
'knowledge_base' => '',
'updates_server' => '',
'twitter' => 'cscart',
'feedback_api' => '',
'product_url' => '//',
'helpdesk_url' => '',
'license_url' => '',
'marketplace_url' => '',
'admin_protection_url' => '',
'widget_mode_url' => '',
//'demo_store_url' => '' . strtolower(PRODUCT_EDITION) . '/'

you should update product_url value.

best regards,

WSA team