How to Change Category URL?

Hello I was wondering if its possible to modify one the categories url by any chance. The reason I am asking this is because I have two stores on my website and I would like to add a category when click would direct the user to my other store. I have been trying to do this for quite some time but found no success. Any help would be much appreciated





When you are in the category in the admin just click on the addons tab. Then go down to the SEO name and change it to whatever you want.

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Thanks for the reply but what I am looking for it being able to change the url of the category. I want to make so when a customer clicks on that category it will direct them to my other store. I tried editing the template as well but I am unable to find the category i would like to change the url of.

I am still unable to get the category to link to my other store. I am still very new to this database and mysql thing so I thought if I amnually changed the category in the mysql to the desired link that it might work but I was way wrong. This may not be possible what I have done in the mean time is create a click here button so when customers find the category they can then be directed to the page. I also tried redirecting the page via my hosting account but that had no effect on it. Anyway thanks for reading this

You would have a couple of options:

  1. Modify the template to detect your category and then use the fully-qualified domain link to the remote site in the template (not recommended).
  2. Modify the SEO addon to detect a foreign link in the SEO field and have it return that as the URL unaltered.

So how would you be able to modify the seo add on?

I'm not entirely sure.

It's an idea that would require some investigation (for all I know it does it already - have you tried it?). There are hooks within the fn_url() function which is what's used to resolve partial and full URL's to the appropriate names. But that would be the way to go since it would then apply to any URL listed in the system.

Thanks for the info I actually decided to move my other store within the cs-cart directory and I changed the seo title to the folder name and it works perfect now. Thanks again!