How to Change Add to Cart 2.2.4

I've found some threads on this but they are older and not for my version. I have an image I want to use for the add to cart button, but can not figure out what I need to do to change it.

I think I ought to be able to upload the new image somewhere and then change the path somewhere but I'm having a hard time finding those locations.

Can someone help, please?

I think this was for 2.14 but may help

It (usually) isn't a single button, but two individual images which join together with some CSS magic.

One as the background for the , the other for the background of the .

It really depends on what skin you are using though, because some V2 skins did use a single button, others did not.

You would be better off creating seperate CSS classes for the add to cart button, because in most themes, the button is used for more than just the add to cart.

Or yeah…what ^he^ said.

Ok thanks. I did read that post earlier but wasn't sure it applied. I will go through those steps. Thanks for the input johnbol1 and stellarbytes.

Got it to work!