how to automaticaly set 1 shipping method for 1 product ?

Hello and thanks in advance for your help.

I sell 2 kind of products.

1 - products with a normal shipping cost

2 - light product that I can deliver only in my country with a special shipping cost (low).

For now, when 1 customer process his payment, he can choose between different shipping methods.

I’d the customers not to have any choice when buying the second category’s product. If this customer is from my country, I want the low cost shipping set as only choice.

How can I deal with that ?

Sorry for my poor english…

To solve this problem on my cart, I setup Suppliers, under users. Once setup I can seet certain products to use that supplier only. Then, setup a shipping method specific to that Supplier. This will restrict a product to only the supplier with a different shipping method.

hope this works