How to automatically break up shipping?

Our client ships cases of paper. Each case weighs 34 pounds. When a customer selects more than 2 cases we go over the weight limit for real time shipping calculations.

How have others worked around this limitation?

Other carts we have used had the option to mark a product as shipping in its own box (and then the selected shipping method at checkout will calculate that item separately) or to break up heavy orders into multiple smaller shipments. We prefer the first solution as it makes the backend administration simpler.

I saw a Top-Coder mod mentioned in the forums but they are gone.

I haven’t used ShippingKit, but it seems to focus on automating invoicing - would it solve this problem? If so, how?

Looking through Rob’s CS-Cart Shipping & Tax Guide PDF seemed to point to a combination of freight/realtime settings, but that looks like it would be real ugly for customers to view and require them to manually make an extra decisions at checkout.

Ideally we want someone that buys either 500 sheets of paper or 10 cases of paper to just pick from a simple list of UPS Ground, Overnight, 2nd Day etc…

Any suggestions?

I really hope CS-Cart can be convinced that this needs to be a standard feature of the cart. The fact that a number of other carts have this feature should be a clue.


Let me tell you the truth, they have this mod, but it’s only for the ones who are willing to pay for it. This is it.