How to automate ALT tags?

Hi guys,

I have over 23,000 items right now and I want to assign ALT tags to all my images. Manually doing this is not feasible and there is no way to import them. Is there a way to automate naming them with just the title of my item?

Thank you.


I did this mod in 1.34sp2 but should be the same in 1.35sp2 didnt try yet - but just update the image.tpl file in the common_templates

add this type of code:

alt=“{$category_data.category|escape:html} - {$product.product|escape:html}” title=“{$category_data.category|escape:html} - {$product.product|escape:html}”

to this line (1.3.5)


presently the alt is pulling the alt - that you obviously havent put - this will do it on the fly - the other option is to write a mysql script to update the database directly with the same content

good luck