How To Apply A Specific Product Tab For 1000 Products?


I created a new tab with a specific block. ok.

So i have a new tab, cool ! After I unactived this new tab in admin.php?dispatch=tabs.manage to avoid to see this tab for all my products.

So :

A/ Now I would like activ this tab for 1000 products.. So I can export this tab `cscart_product_tabs` and add manually all Product_IDs in the good column. Right ? Do I have to do something more ?

B/ The best idea (for me) would have been to have the possibility of selecting the products for which I want to activate this tab directly in the TAB ... But currently CSCART only offers to do the opposite !! "Disable this tab for" certain products ... Which is really boring because every time you are going to create a new product you have to add it to this list... This reverse logic is the same for full of functionnalities... So do you know an addon which can do that ? who can develop this logic, by having the possibility of "applying this tab for the selected products"?
Thank you very much.

disable this tab, then "enable" it for desired products

Right. After disabling the tab, the "Disable for" setting will be replaced with "Enable for"

As alternative, you can add specific categories to tabs and blocks

THANK YOU very much jonhbol1 and Ecom ;-)