How to allow a customer to choose which item they want on a special

On the shopping cart we used way back in 2007 it had a setting that if a customer met certain “rules” then they could choose what they wanted for the special. For example, if the customer spends $40 they could choose 1 of 3 items to get for free.

Here is another break down:

Spend $40 and the customer to could choose 1 of the following items:

  • Widget 1
  • Widget 2
  • Widget 3

    Is there a way to set this up in CS 2.2.5 or CS 4.0.3? I cannot seem to figure out how to make this work and I don't see anything in the knowledge base here either: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

    I can get it to allow a customer to just get 1 item, but it does not seem to allow the customer to choose 1 item between multiple free items.

what about, Cart promotion

condition-spend above $40

bonus- Product discount to zero- add the 3 products you need to be zero.

the problem comes is how not to allow them to be able to get ALL 3 products for free, I think setting them as individual promotions…1 for each free product and not all 3 in 1 go and perhaps “stop other rules” may get you this

edit…Nah, just thought the customer could add 100 of the free item if the wanted…hmmmm? does once per customer stop this

This is another one that seems like an easy enough idea to set up. It did not stop it johnbol1, they can get a lot of free items. I'll keep playing with it. Ideally you would want to use the normal inventory item to help keep track of inventory. I can't remember is cam with this by default or if I bought a mod.

How about making a promo code for each of the 3 items

while setting 'only one promo code can be used' in the Settings > General

( to become free ) Item 1



Product total >= 40.00

Product is your Item 1

**** not sure what your general sale price is but you would

need to limit the maximum item count to avoid 100 free items

as John pointed out ****

Bonus …

Discount on Product ( and select the product )

To percentage of original price = 0.00

The customer then places the ( soon to become free ) item

in their cart and applies this code.