How to Alert Shoppers to Whitelist My Store Email Address?

I’d like some input on what would be the best way to inform shoppers that it would be a good idea for them to whitelist my store’s email address ( so that their email receipt doesn’t go to their spam folder or otherwise get blocked.

I also send tracking numbers by email after the order has been shipped.

And then two weeks after the order is shipped, I send them a third email asking for reviews.

Obviously it’s in my best interest that all of these emails actually get to the customer.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this or know of any addons that would make this possible? I see on this forum that there’s a free “terms and conditions popup” add-on, but is that going to work for people who have popup blockers turned on?

I’m running 3.0.6 Professional. Any help much appreciated.

I have found that most people ignore that type of request. I think the slightly to more tech savy understand why this will help.

But you could put a message on the landing page after they placed the order.


That was my first thought too. But at that point, the email order confirmation has already been sent and possibly hijacked by their spam filter. It would be better than nothing, though, I guess. They could then go fishing around in their spam folder if they really wanted it. And if they did whitelist the address, they would hopefully get the ship notification and review request.

I put it on the order landing page, and in the Newsletter Auto Response Confirmation Email message.

If they read - and most people don't - they will at least know that an email was sent and that they can take some action on their end to keep subsequent messages out of the spam/junk mail folder.