How To Add Two Or More "add To Cart" Buttons For Each Option?

Hi there,

I'd like to emulate this: http://www.bakerross…amic-coin-banks

Two or more “Add to Cart” buttons for two or more options. With extra lines of reduced price calculations per option.

I think it encourages good shopping experience as it's quick (less mouse clicks) and convincing (value added options). Any ideas and workarounds will be appreciated, thanks.

That Add to Cart button layout is very nice! Does anyone know what cart software that link above is using? Sort of looks like it could be CS-Cart?

Dear Tim,

It looks like Magento. But I am absolutely sure that it is not CS-Cart

Yes, I've heard that they're using Magento. Layout is nice indeed. Any ideas on how to implement this?

Hi hisa,

Additional custom development work is required here. If you are interested, please contact us.