how to add thumbnail in the checkflow ?

Hi, all

Anybody know how to add the product thumbnail image to the checkflow ? Even on the invoice page. Just the same as product Qty and price.



Hey has anyone ever done this?

i.e. Thumbnail images carried through to the cart, and through to the check-out and invoice?

Frankly I’m a little dissapointed. This question remains unanswered, and as I look throughout the forum I come accross lots of other really worthwhile posts that remain unanswered.

May I suggest that one or two developers from cs-cart devote a little time in here.

bump — any one know how to put the product image on the invoice?

The MOD has been added to our list


maybe u can try to add the codes below [QUOTE]{include file=“common_templates/image.tpl” obj_id=$key images=$product.main_pair object_type=“product” image_width=“50px” image_height=“50px”}[/QUOTE]

where u need to add the thumbnail image.

Color, size are upto ur choose.

Hope this can help u.