How To Add Subcategory List

I want to add a dynamic subcategory list in the left column for each main category.

For example, if someone clicks on a main category “Fruit”, I want to see a automatically generated subcategory list on the left that says “Apple, Banana, Cherries, etc.”.

How would I do this with CS-Cart 4? I know how to add blocks, etc., so I don't need a newbie explanation for everything, but I need to know what kind of block to create and what settings to use because the options I tried don't work.

Attached is an example from another site of what I'm looking to do.



In the Designs - Layouts section of the admin, you can add a new “Category” block to the Categories location. Set the filling to Dynamic tree, and leave the parent category on “Root level”, and you are done.

I made a test on my localhost, and it is working (v4.0.3).