How to add Shipping Methods

Hi, I’ve been preparing CS Cart for production, and when I cleaned CS-Cart DB and tried to add a new vendor of my own, it doesnt add the Shipping Method, its like its not added to the vendor, even though the vendor can edit it as he pleases, would you guys know why is this happening or how can I solve it?
Thanks in advance!

What do you see on the Shipping methods tab on the Update vendor page?

Empty. I had to do it from the Admin Panel, but still whenever I try to make a POST request to orders, I get that there are no shippings available (even though, the Vendor has a Shipping Method now)
So if someone could please help me out here, would be really appreciated

In shipping configuration, there is a checkbox “Use for all new vendors”, which I think lets you achieve the desired effect - all new vendors will automatically have this shipping enabled to them.
Unless I misunderstood you, in which case please explain what do you want to achieve.

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Thanks, it was a mix between this and my new users not having any country in their profile, as I’ve been creating them with the API, and the Endpoint doesnt let me edit the user profile.
I tried creating a Profile end point, but in our production-environment is not working as intended, so I just dont know what to do.


What kind of error do you receive when trying to edit profile?

Mostly just Forbidden, I think there has to be some kind of problem in my production Environment.

lastly I want to ask, what is supposed to be the flow of adding a Shipping Method for Vendors?

For one what we did was Create a Vendor > Vendor create a Shipping Method in Vendor Panel, but that Shipping Method is like is not getting registered in our Administration panel.
I had to create a Shipping method from the admin panel and put it to the vendor manually.

I have just created new shipping method in the vendor panel

This method is displayed in the admin dashboard as well