How to add RSS feed from another site to CS Cart


I need to add an rss news feed from another site to appear in a block.

I tried to use rss2html php script I have used before but when I put the php code in a html block it does not execute.

Does CS Cart not allow PHP in html blocks ?

If not how should I include the external RSS ?

Thanks for any advice.


Can anybody help ?

Just need to be pointed in the right direction.

To answer your question. No, an HTML block is html/javascript, not php.

You need to create a custom block for your feed.

Thank you.

I have a looked at the tutorial to create a basic addon which creates a twitter feed display which is close to what I want but with an RSS feed. The example uses a script to produce the html to display but I need to use a php script.

I have tried but cant just put php in the .tpl file. Any hints on where I put the call to my php script

The script output can be seen here at this link(will tidy up format later)

I just want to get this displayed in a block so I can use on my home page.

Am I on the right track ? This should be simple but I am new to this, can anybody help ?



I tried this in my .tpl file and created a template block with this template but it does not display. The echo is just to test if I can get anything displayed.

{** block-description:my_twitter_addon **}


echo “

I love PHP!




OK, so my echo statement works but I have some errors with my script that I need to look at.