How to Add Previous Orders to New Account

I had a customer create an account today. He had previously placed three orders without creating an account. He now would like to be able to access the previous orders in his newly-created account. Is there any way to do this? I have been looking around in the admin section of the site and can't really see how this can be done.

Any help appreciated.

The only way is to edit the database and match the order id with the customer id.

OK, I was afraid of that. Sounds a bit too complicated for the likes of me.

That might be a nice feature for a future update of the cart: give customers the option of adding previous orders to their account if an email address match is detected when an account is being created.


There are lots of 'tentacles' in trying to do this. Before you attempt, make sure the risk/reward is in place.

It's probably not worth the effort…