How to Add PayPal Bill Me Later Banners

I would like to add the PayPal Bill Me Later Banner to my website but when I try to add an HTML block and add the code, it does not show up. When I go back to check the code, it has changed and the specific code with my PayPal id is no longer there.

Has anyone been successful with adding the banner to their website?

I added the PayPal Bill Me Later banner to the central portion of the checkout page. Seems to work for me. I did what you did and placed it in a block. Make sure you click the html button and enter the code there. I did find that one of the editors work better than another. I am set for tinyMCE (Settings: Default wysiwyg editor)right now, but not sure if this is what I used when putting in the banner.


Thank you Bob! I had to change my editor to the CKEditor! Once I did that, I pasted the code and the banners are showing up!

Really appreciate your response as I have been toiling with this simple code for a little while!