How To Add New Turkish Lira Currency Symbols CS-Cart 3

Hello ,

I would like use New Turkish Lira Lira Currency Symbols on my CS-Cart 3 Shoping Cart .

There is a information about using New Turkish Lira Currency Symbols official Turkish goverment web site which is…ge/kurulum.html

But I dont know how to entegrate with my CS-Cart 3 Shoping Cart .

When I use New Turkish Lira Lira Currency Symbols I have to install AbakuTLSymSans FONT on my PC.

But How can I install AbakuTLSymSans font on CS-Cart 3 Shoping Cart .

This is Turkish Turkish Lira “TL” Currency Symbols


[quote]The Turkish lira (Currency sign: (since 1 March 2012: TL); Turkish: Türk lirası; ISO 4217: TRY)[sup][2][/sup] is the currency of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (recognised by only Turkey). The Turkish lira is subdivided into 100 kuruş.[/quote]

Unicode does not include the new currency symbol, accordingly I don’t believe it to be possible, to display the currency as shown above.

My recommendation is to use ‘TRY’ as the currency symbol (‘TRY’ vs ‘USD’ vs ‘AUD’).

If I had oportunuty to use png instead of curency symbol text.

I could change with png image.

hi i try work on 2.4

if u need help pm me

Text font: AbakuTLSymSans

Sample: 350 must be,

but: 350TL

how this type of writing is put into css?

/* Products list */

.list-price {

color: #757575;

font-family: “AbakuTLSymSansRegular”, Verdana, Arial;


.price {

color: #A71927;

font-weight: bold;

font-family: “AbakuTLSymSansRegular”, Verdana, Arial;




How do these images instead of text font as the Turkish lira can add a new icon.

image URL

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