How to add new block content/filling/appearance

Does anyone have instructions on where to place files or what to edit to create new block types, or add more fillings, or a new appearance view?

EDIT: ok, so I found \schemas\block_manager\structure.php and the other files, but there seem to be a number of ways to add extra options. Specifically when selecting an appearance using the ‘data_modifier’ option. And somehow it uses that info to make function calls. Is there any instructions on how those are all used? Or what processes that files and makes the calls?

I searched all the files and couldn’t find structure.php included anywhere… I could have missed it, I only searched php and tpl files.


So schema’s are loaded with fn_get_schema in fn.common.php

The blocks schema is called in /controllers/admin/block_manager.php line 767:

and in /core/fn.cms.php line 307:

$schema = fn_get_schema(‘block_manager’, ‘structure’);