How To Add Limit To Manuall Filling In Product Grid Block

I would like to add limit to manual filling in product grid block (I mean this).

My use case:

I want to fill manually the new/bestseller block to better manage my sales. Thus I add let's say 30 products - and want only to display 12 products with active status.

Right now, when I add 12 products manually, than every time when I hide or disable the product status, then the product is hidden from the block as well.

I don't want to manage the products all the time. I want to have constant number of products in block - 12. When I hide the product, the next active product should fill the gap.

Is there any easy way to do this?

I think that this feature deserves to be implemented in standard cs-cart functionality.

Thanks in advance,


Most likely you would have to utilize a hook for the product search that is specific to the block. I.e. you'd need code that said something like:

if the search is related to block xyz, then adjust the items per page to be 12.

Alternatively if this is a block that is used in several different locations, the block itself could be extended to add a 'max_items' parameter to it.

Both approaches require a small amount of custom development.

Please pay attention to our Random Products add-on

You can specify list of items and set limit in the block settings