how to add html block to gift certificate page


please can anyone tell my how to add html block to gift certificate page.

i want to add some designing html contents to gift certificate page from admin(backend)…

url of gift certificate page:

Hi doc1,

I had that similar situation with event list and went with the easy way. What I did , is that I created a page with all the things I wanted ( banners,blocks etc) and then I placed a block under that ( or wherever you want) with events.

It might work also for gift certificate if there is a block for that like with the events list.

Anyway I ll have a look and get back to you for that.


thanks for your reply plz help me out… i tried but after creating page with html block i didn't find gift certificate thing to assign with that newly created page

wow any update on this ? im trying same thing

Included in v3

Need to hack the tpl in v2