How to Add Gallery to Cart?

I’m using CS Cart as a replacement for an entire site, not just as a shopping cart for a client. I’m nearly finished with the site, but cannot figure out how to integrate a gallery. My client has many related photos that show his product in use, and he wants to display them in galleries, rather than as additional product photos.

I’m using third-party software for the gallery (Simple Viewer Pro) and on any other site, this would be a simple addition. It requires the addition of script to the head of the page where the gallery is to be inserted, that all gallery files be placed in the same directory as the page, and a few lines of code where the gallery is supposed to appear.

I don’t know if it’ll help to take a look at the page, but the big black box on this page is supposed to display the gallery: [URL=“”][/URL]. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? :confused:

Thank you!

We have an Image Gallery Addon that is 80% coded, we are waiting for more donations to complete the addon. Unlike other gallery scripts this is 100% integrated into CS-Cart and works with SEO, Comments and Reviews and instantly adapts the look n’ feel of your sites skin. We’re putting an preliminary release date of ~45 days depending on the amount of donations received - Sno



Do you have any screen shots of this??