How to add currency block?

hi everyone.

Can you say me, how can i add currency block in my site?

Thank you.

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Any solution?

A currency drop-down will show automatically if you have more than one currency active in your store. That is of course unless you've done customization of your header and someone removed that functionality. It's normally displayed from


but how can i add new tplp block for it?


I have no idea what a tplp block is or why you would want to use a block for a currency selector.

I guess if you can't read the template code in top.tpl as it relates to currencies and then comment that out and duplicate it in another template where you want it, then you should contact someone and pay them to help you.

Yes, but how to put it like this?


1 USD - 374.00 GEO[/color][color=#666666]

1 EUR - 504.00 GEO[/color][color=#666666]

1 GBP - 582.00 GEO[/color][color=#666666]

1 RUB - 11.00 GEO[/color]

You will have to loop through the $currencies array and display the info you want. I strongly recommend you hire someone who has the skills to do what you need.

I have added currency blok right this.





But it show me only two currencyes, other two displayed for me 0, and it's not arrayed yet:(