How to add class to left navigation

Currently my side menu does not have a class identifying its active state (or any other for that matter). What template do I edit so that the side navigation menu has a class identifying its active state? Thank you.

Depending on what “Appearance” you select for your categories block, assuming you mean the category nav menu, you may want to check the template files customer/blocks/category_[something].tpl (e.g. category_plain.tpl or category_emenu.tpl).

Those templates include code from one of the templates in customer/views/category/components/ which is where you’ll see the actual

    code. Some appearance options already set the “active” class.

    Hope that helps.

I set the appearance to “Plain” and tracked down “menu-root-categories” to views/categories/components/categories_tree.tpl

[STRIKE][COLOR=“Wheat”]I added code after the LI (ie

  • hello) to see if I could detect changes on the website, but my alterations do not show up. So am I altering the wrong file after all?[/COLOR][/STRIKE]

    While I selected the appearance of “Plain” under the “All Pages” tab, it did not apply to the “Home Page”, so I made the same appearance change to the “Home Page” tab.

    The UL is this one:

    {assign var="ul_subcategories" value=""}

    {if $ul_subcategories != "started"}


  • Sorry, Is there a cache setting in CS-Cart? My changes are not reflected on the website.