How To Add Category Field In Product Approval Page

We use Vendor Data Premoderation plugin in our store. While approving the products from Vendors we want to see the Category under which they have assigned the product, this info is present in each productm what we want is to see the product category to be listed on the main page of product approval.

We have been able to list the Category ID’s but not the Category Description. That logic is not clear - if some one can help on this front. Also am I choosing the right field ( is it Category ID or Main_category )?

File - design/backend/templates/addons/vendor_data_premoderation/views/premoderation/products_approval.tpl

Changes - added the code below

{__("category")}{if $search.sort_by == "main_category"}{$c_icon nofilter}{else}{$c_dummy nofilter}{/if}


Also is it possible that I can get the Product Image as well added on this page ( thumbnail will also do )?
What code needs to be added for that ?

Unfortunately these changes are quite complex and cannot be realized via few lines of code. Our team will be happy to make them for you. If you are interested, please contact us

Currently I have been able to add 2 fields Category ID ( look for Product is in right category) and Vendor ( easy to sort on vendor)


We wanted the output which is as on the Product Page where you can see all the products with the columns as below:


Basically have the Fields as below


[]Product Image - To be done

]Product Detail - Code / SKU - To be changed from Current Format to this format.

[]Price - To be done

]Quantity - To be done

[]Category - Currently I can only print ID but we should be getting the category text here.

]Vendor - Done

[*]Status - Already Present.


It seems that code can be used from the Product page to do this on Vendor Premoderation - Product Approval Page but unable to do the same.



Please use the following code to receive correct names:



Also in the “app\controllers\backend\products.php” please add the following string:

$params['extend'][] = 'categories';

after this one:

$params['extend'][] = 'companies';