How To Add A This Script To A Page Or Tab

hi im trying to add this but dont know how to get this working

i like to add this script to a tab of on a page

<script src="">

many thx

What is the purpose of having this script in tab?


its a script to finance products

so in a tab or on a page or like a catagory is ok to have

On Design -> Layouts select required layout and create HTML block

Also pay attention to the following article


i tryed this but when i add this string and save it it remove some lines


i add this


and when 1 save i only see

var mo_inl_dlr = '00000';
var mo_inl_plc = '0000';

the rest is gone

Try to use HTML block with SMARTY support

Also tryed this

but also not working then i only see data-no-defer> nothing els

and when i check again in the tab then all is there

Looks like there a typo in your code. data-no-defer should be used in the following way