How-to add a new Shipping processor?


Am new to CS-Cart and was wondering how easy it would be to add a new Shipping Processor for Australia namely something like E-go as our client’s shipping requirements are quite complex and deals with pallets and lengths etc… and Australia Post will not ship that sort of volume, also the estimation will need some customization based on all of this.

I quite proficient with PHP/mySQL and am not scared to get my hands dirty.

Can I get a basic answer on this have a tight deadline here and if CS-Cart can not easily handle adding a new shipping processor then we will have to find another solution or write one from scratch (well using another MVC framework).

I think this is what you want:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

By the way, this is a community-supported forum. If you have a tight deadline, it is a good idea to contact the developers directly as well as posting here.


Thanks for the reply does look like what I need will give it a try, I posted here as we are only on the 60 day trial while we evaluate CS-Cart and if it will work for our clients, so far we are pretty impressed for the most part, unfortunately the first client we need it for has really complex shipping :slight_smile:

It’s fine that you posted here - I was just trying to make the general point that people on tight deadlines should really contact the developers in addition to posting here. Your first two posts in this thread were made during working hours so you could have possibly had an answer a bit sooner.

CS-Cart is generally very good and you will find that it has a great community. That being said, they need to work on shipping (lack for both multi-box shipments and dimensional shipping weights). This will hopefully be addressed in the next update after 2.1.


Okay i tried that and it didn’t do anything to the Administration → Settings → Shipping Settings it somehow relates to tracking of orders, I need to add a whole new shipping processor like Australia Post DHL etc… Any ideas?

Looks like you would need to create a new shipper in /shippings. You can review some of the other files to see how they are constructed relative to their API; that should give you a good start writing your own code to the E-go API.

I think your biggest problem is going to be the lack of dimensions for the products unless your shipments rarely exceed a single pallet.


Thanks I will take a look at shipping’s… I think this requires some manual DB edits and maybe hacking the admin templates we will see… yes the dimensions is a concern taking a closer look its seems to all be dimension based something like:

Width = ?

Height = 1700 cm

Depth = ?

Weight = 500 kg

Type = Pallet // calculate by weight

items = 2

Pickup = 5000 // postcode

Have no idea how to calculate the width and depth for a pallet based on the item or even where to put the dimensions in the catalog…

Sending email to E-go to see if they have any examples of using thier API with a shopping cart

okay this is a nightmare in all my years as a web developer I have never seen such an abstracted solution to building simple forms like how the do they add those fields must take them forever!!!

No wonder there is very limited shipping modules no-one can write them as they are so integrated into the database and not pluggable would it be better to try and add this as an addon? If so is there documentation?

Is there any documentation on the database scheme specifically the relations for the settings forms etc… ?

Giving up on this, without dimensions cannot be used for our client will keep it in mind for future simpler shopping sites, means I have to code this myself ouch!

Sorry for bumping this old topic, but I was wondering if the issues that jblythe was facing have been overcome with newer versions of CS Cart?

I'm looking to add a new shipping processor which will interact real time with the DHL API. Unfortunately the processor which comes included only works for US DHL - the API DHL give out to EU companies is completely different, so I've got to put this all together myself.

So far I cannot find a single guide on how to add your own shipping processors, and I've gotten to the same stage jblythe has - whereby the processors seem to be stored in the database an I'm starting to think that there's no 'intended' way to easily extend these.

Any help would be appreciated!

You are right. There is no easy way to add new online shipping processor as each of them has own API, set of input and output parameters. You can hire someone from this forum to integrate it for you. We are at your service.

if you need integration of new shipping processor, please don't hesitate to contact us.