How to add a new link to orders tab & custimze a page for it


I'm starting a new custom add-on for my website based on core files.

I want to add a new link in the order tab & another page like view orders page to view the link content which will be for orders with special prices " for government tender guest price", I've added a new column in cscart_order_details table called guest_price to store my price in it so I can track order and know what price I've offered

and if there is any add-on like this can you help me please.

to know more about my question view attachments.

I'm Using 2.2.4 Version of CS-Cart


Ammar A. Al-Neamy

guest price link location.jpg

guest price view.jpg

Just curious as to why you want to add an entire new view that is based on a database field versus extending the existing views to recognize your new field. Seems like a lot for a little.

That's the manager request to separate the normal order from the tenders orders