How To Add A Graphical Banner To The Top Of My Shopping Cart

Im new to PHP and TPL but know basics, changing the odd text, inserting snippets etc. Ive used zen cart and magento in the past but CS Cart is ten times better than them 2 already. I really do recommend it to the world, but, I need as little help due to my experience.

I want to add a banner to the top of the shop. I have designed it in photo shop.

Image 1 - is my current website

Image 2 - is where I want the banner to go.

Please can anyone help me?






Just before

{include file="top_menu.tpl"}

can you give header code?

thanks for your reply, but I do not understand. Can you tell me in “CS Cart for Dummies” standard?

Do I insert the html for the picture in a PHP doc somewhere?

As Jesse said, in your cpanel or by FTP, browse to /skins/sport/customer/top.tpl

open top.tpl in a text editor or whatever the add the code in there, just before where you see this {include file="top_menu.tpl"}

Then save it back to the same folder with the same name. (good idea to save your other as, just in case you want to re save it back if anything goes wrong