How To Activate Https On Very Old Version

Hi Everyone,

I have an extremely old version of CS-Cart (1.3.3-sp2). It has never been upgraded due to countless customizations, some by CS-Cart themselves and others by 3rd parties. We even had a mobile version created.

I am trying to get https to work on the whole site, but the only options we have in settings are for checkout and admin. Admin works fine with https, and we have our own customized checkout. Even the mobile version is working fine with https, but the rest of the cart always reverts to http.

I have spent hours looking through the code to find out what might need changing, but I can't crack it.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Regards, Bruce

Do a search and handle it in your .htaccess file and ensure you don’t have any references to http in your config.local.php.

It is hard to answer on your question without code review



Rather than a forced redirection to https in the htaccess file, the plan was to do the redirection in the host conf file, which is what we did with other websites. With one other website though we got an infinite loop thing happening, which is what I'm afraid of with CS-Cart. I would like CS-Cart to be able to cope with https when entered into the browser command line before we attempted a forced redirect. At the moment, if you type https, it simply reverts to http, so a forced redirect might end up in an infinite loop. The admin is fine, which makes me think it's something in the CS-Cart code..

Where can I find config.local.php?

Yes, I might have to get someone to review the code.

Regards, Bruce

Where can I find config.local.php?

Your version does not contain this file. If I remember correctly, everything was in config.php one

Just want to say a really big thank you to eCom Labs who sorted this out really fast. Well done.

You are welcome!