How to access mobile Storefront API

Hi, I would like to know what is the way to access this API.
Currently in our custom Storefront (developed with another different technology).
We would like to finish the purchase through the API (as we though CS-Cart was completely Headless Marketplace) and Support told us about this API they use for their mobile apps, but could not help very much about how to access it.

So now I ask here, how could I access here?
Trying to access something like localhost/app/addons/StorefrontRestApi/products returns a 403 error.

Any tips/help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

EDIT: Clarified I was talking about the Mobile APP Api and some typos.

Hi @abtFind.
It’s documentation: Список сущностей REST API — Документация 4.6.x
When you read, translate from Russian into English

Hi, thanks for your answer, but I think thats the same documentation we have in English and doesnt solve my problem.
Thanks anyway.

You can use default api.php for API calls (v40). Available entities can be found here



If you want to use the API of the Storefront REST API add-on, make sure that you make requests to its endpoints in the correct way. Like for the \Tygh\Api\Entities\v40\SraProducts (app/addons/storefront_rest_api/Tygh/Api/Entities/v40/SraProducts.php)

As for the way to place orders, take a look at the Orders API entity:

For the shopping cart entity, have a look at the \Tygh\Api\Entities\v40\SraCartContent entity. And for payments, have a look at the \Tygh\Api\Entities\v40\SraSettlements entity. I am afraid there is no documentation for the entities from this add-on, so you will have to examine their code in order to make the correct request.

Thank you both for you answers, I have been able to call the endpoints needed.