How Recurring Plans works


I am curious as to how the new addon, Recurring Plans, work.

I am looking to use as the gateway.

Does it store the CC info on my server and push to or does it work with their Automatic Recurring Billing system?

I am wondering this for PCI compliance reasons.

Also, has anyone implemented this addon successfully in a live store?

It currently stores the information on your server and processed the charges - this was the reason for them to implement the credit card storage. Unfortunately, this method is problematic from a PCI standpoint.

You can, instead of storing the credit card info, process the subscription so that the customer signs in each month to make their payment after the new order is created. Not as smooth as having support for ARB.


Just as I suspected. I am probably going to go with the module for now and try to separate out the DB for PCI compliance. Do you know of any mods that utilize Authorize.NET’s ARB or CIM (customer information manager)?

It would be useful…

Thank you for your response!

I am not aware of any modules that interface with ARB or CIM. You could contact the developers to see how much it would cost to implement this.


We've done this with & USAePay for reoccuring charges… and without storing CC in the database. You have to make to 2 calls to the Gateway - one for the immediate charge, the other to set the reoccuring when it is in the case where a checkout has one amount, and there's only a partial reoccuring component (let's say in the case of individual product autoship).